Australian Skybury Fancy


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Origin: Skybury Plantation, Mareeba, Queensland
Elevation: 550m- 600m
Process: Wet Process
Roast: Medium
Flavour: Chocolate & Caramel
Acidity: Soft

 Skybury Fancy Plantation

Ian and Marion MacLaughin purchased their Skybury plantation in 1987. The plantation is located in Mareeba, Queensland.

With average temperatures ranging from around 16.6 °C to 29.0 °C, it has great conditions for growing coffee. It also gets around 36 inches of rainfall every year, which also contributes to the quality.

Today, they are Australia’s largest exporter of Arabica beans and were the first in Australia to export green beans to Japan, Europe, Canada and the US.

Skybury Coffee

A Light and Delicate Coffee With Notes of Chocolate and Caramel.

Great For Those Who Prefer a Coffee That’s Not Too Heavy.

Best Brewing Methods

A beautifully delicate coffee that is best enjoyed when brewed with a Cafetiere.

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Australia Skybury Fancy

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