Brazilian Fazenda (Single Plantation)


Brazilian Fazenda Peaberry (Single Plantation)



Origin: Fazenda Sertao, Corma de minas,Minas Gerais

Elevation: 1000-1450m

Roast: Medium

Acidity: Medium

Flavour: Toffee, creamy, Lemon finish


A pleasant dark chocolate aroma at the start developing into a rich penny toffee like taste, the distinctive toffee taste comes along into a pleasing sweetness. Once the coffee cools, hints of zingy lemon become noticeable due to the natural process.


Fazenda Sertao is located in Brazil’s agriculture capital state of Minas Gerais. Situated over 1000m above sea level, the coffee grows on 50% slopes naturally carved into the landscape. The cherries also ripen more evenly when grown on sloped hillsides, which allows for better harvesting and a tastier cup of coffee.

The coffee itself is a Peaberry where only one seed forms inside the cherry-offering more flavour and allowing for a more even roast.

Best Brewing Methods

Give the one a try in a Pour over or Aeropress to bring out the fruity notes. Just as beautiful if made using a French Press/Cafetiere.


Additional information

Brazilian Fazenda Peaberry

100g, 1Kg


Wholebean, ground

Choose Grind Type

Wholebean, Espresso Fine, Filter Medium, Cafetiere Coarse


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