Camomile Leaf Tea 30g




Packed full of health benefits this delicate,floral infusion has traditionally been used to help you relax,boost the immune system and cure a multitude of physical ailments. Camomile leaf is free of caffeine and is also naturally sugar free too.

Great for relaxation

Camomile tea has been known to calm the mind and slow you down, it is also a great stress reliever. So after a hard day at work, there may be nothing better than a cosy seat on the sofa while supping a nice cup of camomile tea.

It improves the immune system

Drinking regularly has been found to give your immune system a boost. The tea contains oxidants which are able to help fight bacteria and in turn keep you healthy for longer.

Helps maintain blood sugar levels

An enabler to lowering blood sugar levels,it helps you to manage insulin levels in your body.This is particularly beneficial with people who suffer from diabetes.

When you shouldn’t drink Camomile Loose Leaf Tea

While the drink offers lots of different benefits, it’s also been known to increase the risk of miscarriage if drunk while pregnant. It’s therefore important to drastically reduce your intake if you have been drinking it every day or a few times a week.

Don’t drink if you’re allergic to Ragweed

A further reason to be aware of camomile tea is if you are allergic to RagWeed which is a pollen producing plant often the cause of hay fever during the summer.


Camomile Flower leaf

Brewing Instructions

For best results brew using an infuser teapot,strainer or a tea infuser.

Use 13g Loose Leaf Tea p/Ltr Brew 5-10 mins with water 100°c


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