Camomile Time Out Tea Bags

100% Plastic free tea bags and packaging!


Naturally Caffeine Free



Our Camomile Tea produces a buttercup yellow infusion and has a sweet and floral taste with a wonderfully calming and relaxing aroma.

Slippers not required! Put your feet up, relax and unwind with a mug of this traditional and popular herbal brew.

We generously fill each bag with quality un-ground ingredients, making for a satisfying full flavoured brew each and every time.

100% plastic free tea bags and inner clear bag, both 100% compostable and biodegradable. Outer box 100% recyclable cardboard printed with vegetable ink.

Ingredients: Camomile

20 x 100% plastic free tea bags

As the planet means so much to us, in 2018 we took the leap to be one of Britain’s first 100% plastic free tea companies.

Not only were our tea bags made from corn starch (and still are), so no nasty plastics in your cup, we also started packing our tea bags in a film made from fast growing eucalyptus tree cellulose, so no nasty plastic in landfill neither. Then not stopping there, we went through a change of packaging, utilising vegetable inks printed onto our tea boxes, closing the whole circle making it all kind to the planet!!

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