Crispy Nut Green Tea (Organic) 50g



Green tea China Sencha is a rich and luxurious blend of creamy bourbon vanilla and walnut, giving it a wonderful chocolate nut taste with hints of a seasonal warming cake.

Health Benefits

Bursting full of antioxidants Sencha tea is infused with many excellent health benefits, including its ability to prevent chronic diseases, reduce blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels, aid in weight loss, protect the immune system, increase energy, and stimulate cognitive activity.


Green Tea China Sencha,Houjicha,Cinnamon Sticks,Ginger (ginger raw cane sugar) Natural Flavouring HAZELNUT(5%) WALNUT(4%) Coconut,Bourbon Vanilla, (Certified Organic) WARNING THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NUTS

Brewing Instructions

For best results brew using an infuser teapot, strainer or a tea infuser.
Use 12-15g Loose Leaf Tea P/Ltr Brew 2-3 mins with water 75-80 ºc


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