Peruvian SHB (super hard bean)




Origin: Northern Peru

Roast: Medium

Elevation: 1200m

Acidity: Sweet

Flavour: Honeycomb, Vanilla

With its beautiful sweet aroma and strong honeycomb notes this coffee really is a delight on the senses. Take your first sip and the honeycomb becomes apparent with notes of treacle and a sweet acidity. This is delicately followed with notes of vanilla.

If your looking for a naturally sweet coffee with a silky body this is the coffee for you!!

Best Brewing Methods

This coffee can be appreciated when brewed using an Aeropress or French Press/Cafetiere. Or why not give this one a try with a Hario V60 pour over.

Additional information

Peruvian SHB

100g, 1Kg


Wholebean, Ground

Choose Grind Type

Wholebean, Espresso Fine, Filter Medium, Cafetiere Coarse


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