Russian Caravan Tea ( Organic )


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The history of this tea dates back to the 1600ˢ. Whilst following the ancient Sino-Russian trade route from Imperial China to Tsarist Russia via Siberia. A 16 month long journey with mile long camel caravans packed with tea. Due to travelling through cold snow covered roads the traders would light campfires in the evenings to keep warm. As the tea caravans were parked next to the campfires the tea would absorb the smoke. By the time they arrived in Russia the tea had taken on a smokey campfire like taste. Thankfully the Russians adored this.

Nowadays the tea is delicately smoked using pinewood to give the same characteristic flavour.

Great for Tea lovers who enjoy bold smokey flavours.


Black Tea Assam,-South India, Black Tea Lapsang Sou-chong (Certified Organic) No Added Flavouring

Brewing Instructions

For best results brew using an infuser teapot, strainer or a tea infuser

Use 13g Loose Leaf Tea P/Ltr Brew 3-5 mins with water 100˚C


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