Rwenzori Bukonzo Dream


Rwenzori Bukonzo Dream(Single Plantation)



Roast: Medium Roast



Farmed By Alice on her small 2 Acre plantation.These beans have undergone special attention to detail to ensure superior quality is achieved.
The end result has not disappointed as this truly has turned out to be an outstanding coffee.

In the Cup it is Clean Fresh and Zingy with Notes of Black Cherry,Honey and Apricot.

The perfect black coffee but equally as nice with a dash of milk. Try this one in a Cafetiere or Aeropress!!

One Not To be Missed From This Small Plantation.

Best Brewing Methods

For best results brew using a Cafetiere or give the Aeropress a try.



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Rwenzori Bukonzo Dream

100g, 1Kg


Wholebean, Ground

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Wholebean, Espresso Fine, Filter Medium, Cafetiere Coarse


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